Saturday, August 23, 2014

Paying it forward

My mother lives in Norwich, and like every city and village, they have issues with feral cats. A nearby neighbor is apparently the go-to cat trapper, who helps people out. She helped my mother get a mom-cat and kittens to the Chenango County SPCA when my mom discovered them living under the hostas in her garden. I'm sure they were just like a huge umbrella that kept the small family dry! I had just been at that garden the week before and hadn't noticed them. Last word was mom-cat and kittens were doing fine after being moved from my mom's manicured "wilds."

Mom wanted to do something for the trapper, and I happened to have a new trap, so mom paid to donate the trap, and I donated a feral cat den. While traps are great to have (and vital, of course!) my biggest concern is always that scared cats be handled humanely, so I felt the trap/den combo was the best gift option (versus two traps).

My friend Debra and I are looking forward to getting the Great American Cat Project going so that we can do precisely this: provide people with spay/neuter funding, equipment, and training, so they can "help themselves" and "help others."

Thanks, Mom, for paying it forward to the trapper who helped you out!

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