Saturday, August 23, 2014

New cards and...need your help!

I am on an adoption blitz. All adoptable cats MUST be adopted out by National Feral Cat Day October 16! Unfortunately, there is no way I can afford to heat the cat facility this winter, with predictions that it may be worse than last winter. I am still paying off heating bills for the winter of 2013-14, and September is almost here. If the adoptables get placed, including the few in the house, then the senior cats--Fluffy, Storm, and Pickles--could come into my home, and the cat room, cat runs, and extra room in the cat facility would be empty.

The insulated larger cat room would then be available (and affordable to heat, since it's just one room) as needed, for feral recovery and occasional adoptable strays this winter.

I don't have many cats! I just have little time for marketing! And they are mostly adult cats and teens, not kittens, except for Seven.

I must now make time!

To that end, Vistaprint, the "god/dess of cheap marketing promotional items" was my resource for new cards for The Owl House. The new cards carry all of our web site addresses and email.

Could you help me? Are you within an hour of The Owl House? I can mail you a packet of cards and a holder that you can "pin" to a local resource (work or post office bulletin board, your veterinarian's office, etc.) to help get these cats, and future cats, homes! Please comment below, or email (click my profile photo) and I'll get them out to you, along with a small thank-you gift!

This assistance will cost you nothing, and will make all the difference to us here! Fewer cats to care for daily also means more people who can be helped with cats on their own property, which is what our mission truly is.

The Owl House actually has only 11 adoptable cats! At times we have had as many as 40. We can do this!


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