Sunday, August 17, 2014

Looking for a housemate

The Owl House is looking for a housemate. The entire upstairs of the house would be yours. The downstairs kitchen, bathroom and laundry are shared, however there will be a small refrigerator and toaster oven upstairs for your use as well.

You would be a tenant, a friend, and a cat-facility caretaker when I travel for work. You would need to have an interest in the profession of animal welfare, although you don't need to have plans to go into that profession. I'm not looking for a person "who likes cats" and will feel like they are living with that "nice cat lady." I'm looking for a person who likes cats and understands that the issue of homeless pets is a serious one that is, in fact, a public service industry to the tune of many millions of dollars per year in the United States.

While the "rent" is $450 a month, you will pay far less. Each month I travel you would get $100 off for taking care of the cat facility, and I travel most months. If I travel more than 5 days in a month, you get an additional $25 off per day I am gone. If you spend time in the cat facility at least three times a week (petting, combing, etc. not cleaning) you receive an additional $50 a month. This makes the usual rent $300 a month. There would also be options for additional discounts, down to $250 a month. Internet, laundry facilities, trash, heat, etc. are included, unless you decide you need an additional space heater (I permit one included with the rent, but not two), or use an air conditioner. There would be a charge for any month you utilize these extras. I have a snow blower so I will keep the drive clear, however you would be expected to do some basic shoveling if you leave early in the morning, are the only one home, etc.

The area upstairs is partially furnished.

First there is your basic shared kitchen downstairs,

The upstairs landing is where the new cabinet (yet to be assembled) and upstairs cooking things (toaster oven, small fridge, water cooler, etc.) will be. The cat furniture will be leaving.

Then there is the largest room upstairs, set up as a living room, which right now sort of looks like somebody's great aunt's parlor. Subfloor is going down here, and it will be carpeted a neutral color. This room will ultimately be re-painted, but I'd figure I'd wait until I had someone lined up so it could be painted to their preference.

The other side of the room:

Then there is the "middle room" which I would suggest be used as a bedroom, as it is the quietest room, with thicker floors with new beige carpet tile, and no grates that open to the downstairs--therefore more privacy. There is a closet in this room.

Finally there is the "back bedroom" which I would suggest be used as an office, with windows that look down over the side yard. This room also has a closet, and very thick new dark blue carpet with a pad. The wonderfully tacky yellow chair does not need to remain up here, lol!

Here are the stairs:

If you are interested, please click on my profile photo and email me via the link on the left in my profile. Or leave a comment below and let me know how to reach you. Thanks!

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