Saturday, August 30, 2014

Laptop disaster...averted

Cute little Seven...who could resist that face?

I was working with my work computer on my right, and my Owl House computer on the left, and went to wave Seven away from the keyboard...knocking over a glass of lemon water, right across the Owl House laptop.


I flipped it over immediately to let it drain, but by morning it was still ill. The laptop would turn on, but I could not type. Also, a very handsome male voice was now speaking every function aloud. I didn't even know it had that option.

I swore. I cried. I yelled very very loudly. And then I hunkered down with my work computer and went searching for A) YouTube videos on how to change the keyboard, and B) a cheap keyboard.

I found them both. I ordered the cheapest knockoff keyboard I could find ($28), charged it to Discover, and had it express mailed. It arrived today, and with much additional swearing and a long hard search for my set of tiny screwdrivers, the keyboard was changed works! It's a pretty crappy keyboard. I have to smack down hard on the keys for all of them to work. But, it works!

Had the entire laptop been killed, I don't know what I would have done.


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