Friday, August 22, 2014

Here is Seven!

Seven is about ten weeks old, neutered male, microchipped, and FeLV/FIV negative. His veterinary costs were $210, but his adoption fee is only $50, payable by check to our veterinarian to pay for future kitten medical care! He also comes with a certificate for a free veterinarian's visit.

Seven is absolutely unflappable. He is a bit wary upon meeting new people, but he warms up within a few minutes. He has the purr of a small lion and loves to sleep curled up next to you at night. He walks respectfully away from cats who hiss at him, and loves to chase those who will play with him! He has been good around Molly, my small dog. He is a Maine Coon type, with medium length fur, and huge tufts of fur inside his ears. He will be a gorgeous cat when grown. Heck, he's gorgeous now! He will be available to mature, indoor homes only, and may not be declawed.

If you are interested in adopting Seven, please click on my profile picture at the upper right and then on "Email." You can also click on My Web Page and contact us from there. I'm available weekends and most evenings.

Video to come!

Debra named him Seven. I guess it would be "7" actually. Here's why!

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