Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting the word out!

Marketing is not the easiest job in the world, especially when you are marketing a "product" that people already have a lot of.

Like cats.

Once upon a time, when the internet was young, the few rescues who were online with Petfinder (like myself) could post their cats and find homes quickly with just internet exposure. Now the majority of rescue groups are online, and ---thankfully!--- there are more rescue groups every day. 501c3 groups with a volunteer base can also do on-site adoptions, or even live-in adoptions at stores like Petco and Petsmart. Facebook is a great way to reach people as well. Now there is Instagram. Pinterest! Yikes! So much to do! So much "competition!" It's the very best type of competition--who is going to say No to more cat rescue groups?--but nonetheless, our cats need homes so they need to shine.

Ignoring the "old way" of marketing pets is also a mistake. There are lots of great people who are not on Facebook, but love cats. There are people who walk by their local post-office or grocery store bulletin boards, just curious as to what might be there. To that end, I'm enlisting our small army of supporters within an hour of Spencer NY to put up these little cards to try and get more people to visit this blog, volunteer, or donate:

Thank you Nancy, Christy, Debra, and Beth for offering to take some already after I posted this on The Owl House Facebook page (if you haven't already, please "Like" it!). I will get yours in the mail ASAP. You will need to find a couple of tacks to put them up, as tacks are not particularly mail-able.

If you know of a bulletin board (At work? Your grocery store? Your veterinarian's office?) that you pass frequently, and would be willing to tack one of these up, let me know! It is important that it be a place that you visit now and then, so when they are empty you can take it down and either ask for more cards, or toss it away.

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