Sunday, August 31, 2014

Feed your local cat lady

The bounty of summer is ready to share, and I'm blessed to have neighbors who share with me. Earlier this summer Debra and Christy made a gift of fruits and veggies:

Yesterday, Valarie and I worked a trade. I got the more plentiful end of the deal: cucumbers and a pepper for pickles, zucchini for bread, and an additional grocery bag of brown rice and wheat pasta. She got Swiss chard from my garden. Swiss chard, kale, cherry tomatoes, and a zucchini that is just starting to bear are all I have this year. I have a start on the bread. I probably grate and freeze what extra zucchini I end up with, for bread later this year

Do you share your garden veggies with others, and (or) end up with gifts from them as well?

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  1. I don't have much this year, just cherry tomatoes, bush beans and rutabagas. I've been eating tomato soup for the last week, from my volunteer tomato plants. A squash plant suddenly took off along the driveway, also a volunteer, will see if it bears its fruit (acorn squash) before too much rain happens. Another volunteer, was a cantelope, that so far has two melons, nearly ready to harvest. Do not know anyone else with a garden for mutual sharing. Wish I did. Zuchini bread looks good! I did not plant much due to my neighbor poisoning my yard, which is also where I garden, with weed killer, in May (without permission). Set me back. Killed garden starts also.