Saturday, June 28, 2014

We are accepting food donations again

Last year we had a huge food donation via Dr. Karen Dashfield at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, which we also shared with other cat caregivers. It has, sadly, run out. Therefore we are accepting food donations once again. Food, electricity, and veterinary bills are our largest expenses. It has been nice to have one of those out of the equation for almost a year,'s BAAAAACK! Kitties must eat!

We will take anything brought to us, as we can always use it to feed street cats, however all cats, whether still on the street, benefit from higher-quality food. If you are in a regular grocery store, Purina One is the best option there, especially in big bags.

Food for indoor cats, urinary diet, and sensitive stomach diets, are all appreciated. Please do not purchase dental diet or hairball formula diet that may have very large pieces, as some of our cats are running a bit low on teeth and can't chew them, although they are fine with normal-to-small sized dry food.

A few cats come our way with food allergies, so grain-free or "no wheat/corn/soy" is also helpful for when we isolate cats who are having digestive issues, to see if an allergy is part of the problem.

Canned food is always welcome, and any name-brand type is acceptable, as we have particular cats who prefer different types. We have one senior cat, Storm, who prefers only wet food.

With the increase in wet-food feeding, we can always use paper plates, both large and small.

We have more than enough pet beds at this time, as well as cat furniture.

We can always use towels, so they we can rotate some of our shabbier ones out.

Tea and rhubarb cobbler are available for anyone who wants to visit! We can also pick up in Owego and Ithaca. Our online wishlist is here.

Have a glorious weekend. For once, it's not raining (at least at the moment.)

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