Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Missing Pet Partnership, and Cheeto the "bait kitty"

In my personal opinion, The Missing Pet Partnership is paws down the best resource on finding lost cats. ( I found the web site first--I'm sure it was recommended to me by someone else--but since then, I've also had the privilege of seeing Kat (yes, her name is Kat) present at different conferences. If you do only one thing with this blog post, bookmark The Missing Pet Partnership page to have it at hand to send to friends when needed. It's easy to just post the URL in a comment on Facebook (or private message it) when you see a post that someone has lost a pet. Even strangers have been appreciative of me when I've sent it to them, because it is so helpful, and so well written.

What I did not think about was how search dogs would be taught to find cats...and the cat that might be involved in that training. You'll like this clip about Kat...and Cheeto.

Hmmm... go to (cut/paste) to proceed. Apparently the video isn't showing as embedded on this blog any longer.

Fixed for the moment! Let's hope it works for you!

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  1. Ooh, thank you for usual you are my favorite source of cat info. I knew about this site at one time but would never have found it again.