Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Memory Garden

I've mentioned in the past that we have a Memory Garden here. It is a small cemetery where feral cat folks can have a cat laid to rest if they don't have a place of their own. Last week a cat from one of our first feral colonies fell very ill, and he now has his place here in the Garden. His story will come later. But I wanted to post some photos of the place to share with his caretakers. The wood chair with no seat with the orange pot sunk into the ground (for a future plant) is his resting spot. He was lucky in that he had two houses that looked after him.

It's always a challenge to keep the Garden looking nice as weeds always threaten to overrun it. This year I have (mostly) kept on top of it and hope to continue to push back the jungle so that by the end of the summer it has been expanded. The ground here is pretty soft--it's probably the only place on the property that is. It is a very peaceful spot, very close to the house.

I've recently begun looking for old discarded chairs for the garden, to keep statuary and flowers above the ground where they won't get lost in the foliage. I think also non-catish visitor will ask about them, and then I can explain what the Memory Garden is.

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