Monday, June 30, 2014

Jack and The Leewit check in!

Apparently Leewit loves lawn care (however as an indoor cat, except for some excursions in an enclosed area, she can only dream):

Jack has dreams too, of travel to far-off places:

Jack and The Leewit are the namesakes of the J. Leewit Fund, which is our spay/neuter fund. Their family has been a huge supporter of The Owl House and have funded medical care for countless cats over the years. It's the inspiration of people like their "mom" Mary, and a handful of other steadfast friends of The Owl House, that a fellow rescuer in Waverly, Debra, and I finally sat down just over a week ago to discuss the inevitable charity status I've stalled over.

After all, who can resist those faces? It's time to get moving.

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