Friday, June 20, 2014

Buffalo kitties won't you come out tonight...

If you adopt a cat from The Owl House, if you find yourself in a kitten-bind or a cat-bind, chances are good we'll help you out. You've got some good karma going for you.

This little tiger and a little black sibling are coming our way, via a friend of Nancy. Nancy adopted Gizmo from us and has often fostered. I probably can find half a dozen posts that are about her in this blog and the old one. Two kittens in Buffalo need help, and the shelters aren't able to take them. My sister played with the Buffalo Philharmonic this past year, so we might say that symphony gave me the soft spot that is allowing me to take these two in.

So Nancy will be picking these little kits up this weekend to foster, and then they'll be coming here.

Fingers crossed that they are OK. They look a wee bit dehydrated to me, but Nancy is passing on advice until they get to her.

Their mom was found dead and they were all alone. Thank goodness they were rescued.

(Just in case you are too young to get the musical reference in the post title...)

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