Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our Amazon Wish List

Sometimes people ask us what we need. There is a PayPal donate button at the right, but we also have an Amazon Wish List, which I just realized is not on the blog. I've added it to the right rail above the photo of Cricket and the mandolin. These are the things we need all the time! Many of them are cheaper if you have Amazon Prime. Otherwise they may be cheaper at local stores.

If any crazy people are feeling especially generous, we are definitely in need of cat vaccines, which we purchase for Revival Animal Health, here at this link. Syringes and needles are not needed for this vaccine (so pay no attention to the "do you have needles?" question on that page. However it does have to be shipped to our home address (Not the PO Box 415, Spencer NY 14883 address), and arrives with ice and a cooler. The intranasal vaccine is "modified live", so it provides immunity faster than "killed" vaccine, and is also easier to administer to small kittens. We can also get intranasal at Tractor Supply but they are often out, and it is far more expensive by the individual dose.

I just stepped into the house from working in the cat facility and the yard, for a quick tick-checking break. And yes, I did find one. If you are trekking around outside, be sure to protect yourself from the little buggers, and throw your clothing in the dryer for ten minutes when you come back in!

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