Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bo fetches

I've been allowing Bo to come downstairs. He's a sweet cat who never picks on anyone, unlike his brother Davis, who will stalk poor Nellie. He doesn't touch her, but just the staring makes my home a House of Hisses which spikes my blood pressure.

I discovered Bo likes to carry a particular toy around. I would turn around and find the toy was often near me, even though I had moved from spot to spot with my laptop to work. Today I discovered he will fetch.

Sort of.

He's such a sweet boy. This weekend is "promotion weekend." I've been lax about getting these cats on all the different adoption portals. It's time to take some photos!


  1. OMG... what a cutie! CatMan has a cat who comes when he whistles. Maybe they were both dogs in a previous life! :-)

  2. He's amazing and I hope he finds a great home again.

  3. Bo's mommy will sort of fetch sometimes too!!! She has a favorite mouse that she loves - I've had to stitch it back together once. Rosemary is loving life, especially when we open the windows and let her hear the birds. I love seeing her two boys on your blog every once in a while and I still hope and pray that they will find a forever home soon!

  4. Bo's mommy sort of fetches too! It's so much fun to see Rosemary's two boys on the blog every once in a while. I hope and pray that they find a home soon!