Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meet Lucy and her sister

Somehow my phone number ended up on the Internet. The phone rang and it was a local number and I picked it up. I ended up with three cats from a nearby trailer park who were originally rescued from the feral population there, but the man who rescued them was moving to another trailer in the park, and also could not afford to get vaccinations and spay/neuter for three cats. Given that it would have cost around $600, I can sympathize.

I had all three cats transferred to us, and had the male (a cute friendly tiger with white) altered and vaccinated, but then the temperature plunged and I had no space for him without heating additional space in the barn. I called the original owner and his sister, who had expressed interest in keeping him, agreed to take him back.

But the two little girls are here to stay. Here is Lucy, who is a little treat hound and is coming around nicely:

Here is her little sister, who doesn't have a name, primarily because she spent all of her time hiding. And she still does here, too:

I have to think of just the right name for her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. I can pick her up and she just shivers, but doesn't scramble, bite, or scratch. She has a cute little face, but a long way to go before she is adoptable:

So that's how it goes. Two get homes, and two come in.

Actually three, because little Hope is coming back. More on that tomorrow.


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  2. This came to mind when seeing the the sister cat hiding: "Heidi" ....?? Sort of like a 'fraidy cat, but instead a Heidi Cat!

  3. Heidi it is! That goes well with "Lucy" too. I have a "Nellie" here (personal cat, not for adoption) who got that name for being a "Nervous Nellie" Thanks!