Sunday, March 2, 2014

Arthur gets a home!

Arthur in his new living room.

After being here five, yes five, long years, Arthur has finally scored a home of his own. People have been interested in him various times, but have always been distracted by another cat or kitten. Arthur is a big cat with a huge personality. He finally found a place that values him for exactly that!

He is living with his new mom and a corgi named Sausage, down in Athens PA. He did a week of "pre-adopt" to make sure he and Sausage would get along. Arthur never thought much of my Molly dog, but apparently he is less offended by bigger dogs who aren't as wiggly as Molly is, because he and Sausage seem to be doing OK. Arthur came back after his pre-adopt week for a dental (one extraction and some tarter), and back to his new home he went!

He has his own room, and even a little electric fireplace. Sausage isn't into getting up on furniture, so it looks like the upper cushy level of the home will be Arthur's exclusive domain.

He's a very lucky cat, and he deserves it after waiting so long! Thank you, Shelly, for adopting him!


  1. That is great news, Susan, gives me hope for some of the cats here, who do want their own homes.

  2. Congrats to Arthur! He's a great cat.

  3. Congrats to Arthur! He is a great cat.