Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

I figured I'd better post this for my family, because it's just too cute for words.

(Hey, sorry if you got an error. Apparently I did not copy from the Budweiser YouTube version and copied an unauthorized version that was removed. I have replaced it with a link from the Bud YouTube channel).

And then of course, who can forget last year's:


  1. Darn, I got here too late. Bud squashed showing the video. Last year's makes me cry - I don't need to watch it to get goosebumps. I couldn't have let him go in the first place. Yeah, it's just a commercial, but I am such a softy. I saw the Clydesdales in person back in the 1960s and they were the epitome of awesome - awe inspiring.

  2. I fixed it, Connie! I apparently embedded an unauthorized copy. I don't know why people make their own copies instead of just linking to Bud's. I'm sure there is some "hit generating" reason. I wondered why the quality wasn't so great.

  3. Thanks Susan. As always too darn adorable. The Bud commercials are simply the best, I love them, but I still don't like beer.