Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Brothers, Bo and Davis

Bo and Davis need a home. I never call them by name, because I always call them together. I call them "Brother." "Hey, Brothers, where are you?" Perhaps they are Brother One and Brother Two (like "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" of Dr. Seuss fame). I have let them join the downstairs clan and they are perfect gentleman. They do not scream for wet food. They politely wait their turn at the morning wet-food feast. They are very quiet, although sometimes Davis, the longhair brother, will sing for attention. They are both gorgeous, and have the most expressive faces. And they love one another, so they must go together. They are shy, so I fear that they would take an even longer time to acclimatize to a new home along. Longhair Davis would probably be OK. But Bo would be lost without his brother or another similarly sweet cat.

However, they are falling in love with me (they could easily fall in love with someone else). They want to sit on my lap; to sleep in the bed. They are very sweet and unobtrusive. But there is only room for two cats in the bed, and those two must be Cricket and Ivan, my seniors, who would be highly offended to discover their places taken by young newcomers.

Here is Davis, showing off his gorgeous self:

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