Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abandoned kittens

Sunday I came across a small orange kitten that had been hit by a car and killed on Owl Creek Road. He was obviously abandoned, and I wondered where his siblings had been dumped. For some reason people who dump kittens tend to dribble them out along the countryside instead of putting them all in one place (although I have encountered full litters before). I called and called alongside the road, in case he was not alone, but I didn't find any others. That night it poured, and I hoped no other kittens were out there in the dreadful weather.

Tonight I heard Molly growling at the door and I went to look out, wondering if the bear was abroad. I ended up screaming (yes I did!) at the dark shape right at my screen door. Thankfully, the shape was human..a neighbor up the hill who came seeking advice for some kittens another person had brought to her door, having found them in the road. She had gone to the Dollar General and the young clerk there had told her about me. I told her to bring the kittens on over, so she went home and got them. They were in dire shape. They likely had spent at least three days without food, being soaked and scared. I told their rescuer that I did not expect them to live the night, but so far they are doing better. They were cold so we heated them up with SnuggleSafes and a hairdryer. Some warm subcutaneous fluids, and some warm towels in a Rubbermaid container... I even had Pedialyte, once they were warm and hydrated. After about four hours they got very restless so I mixed up some very diluted KMR and they each had a half ounce. They are still very twitchy but are far more aware than they were. I still have reservations about their chance of survival, but I had to try.


  1. It is l so sad that people think of cats as disposable.
    To abandon kittens like these...