Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunday work party

Work Party, Sunday June 9

noon to 5 pm
Stop by for just an hour or two (or all afternoon)
(Read everything because there are gifts at the bottom!)

Need a kitten fix? WE HAVE KITTENS!


Painting very-low ceiling in cat facility (no ladders)
Staining low sections of outside of cat facility barn
Putting a second coat of paint inside the house in the two rooms available for cats
Weeding out Memorial Garden (there are some briars..bring clippers and gloves!)
There will also be supplies out to make a new prayer flag line for the Memory Garden. You can make a flag for in memory of, or in honor of, a person or animals who was close to you. We will hang it that day.

I'll have the fire pit going if it's not raining.
There will be food and drink and I'll have music going everywhere.
It's not going to be too fancy due to low funds, but you'll be able to relax!
If it rains, I will not be asking anyone to work outside. There is plenty of inside stuff to do.

If you think you might stop by, please email me to RSVP at info at americancat dot net
Or leave a comment here.

I don't need tons of folks. Even just four people for an hour or two will make a huge dent. My heavy travel schedule put some very basic projects behind, and the cat facility is reaching the age where it will need some bigger projects (replacing screen doors to the runs, etc.) this year, so I need to get the basic ones done.

There will be a free t-shirt for each worker. If you arrive wearing nice clothes and decide to paint, there will be something for you to change into.

There will be a drawing for a brand-new Tru-Catch cat trap donated by the wonderful PETCO Foundation!

I will be making a separate post, but thank you to three of you who have given very generous donations to get us through the temporary thin times, due to vet bills. I got a PayPal gift last night that very nearly made me cry.

In other news:

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