Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ivan's not his old self, but doing OK

...and I'm $2000 poorer. Woot!

Actually that is a bit of an exaggeration because Ivan is a lucky cat in that he is insured with PetFirst. I have never submitted a claim, so we'll see how that goes. I don't think I could have invested in the treatment without the insurance or a more sizable savings account. I still had to pay off the emergency vet in full (my own veterinarian let me carry a balance, bless them). It's a good thing we got that wonderful PETCO food donation. I may be cleaning out the dry goods in the corners of my cupboards and finding 101 ways to eat rhubarb (the only thing currently in my garden) but the cats are eating Science Diet.

He's still not his old self, but he is definitely feeling better. At first he was quite sad-acting:

But then he began enjoying the porch, and even began walking around with his mousie in his mouth, hunt-howling. Finally he began sleeping with me again, and purring, which was a huge relief to me.

He had serious potassium deficiency which is why he was wobbling like a drunk. He's now on a pill and a half a day. He's still unsteady and when he falls, he falls hard. I keep waiting for him to break a shoulder. He refused to stay down off of things he once used to climb on. Last night he fell off the bed when he rolled over...WHOMP! He can't twist and catch himself any longer. But he picked himself and walked off like nothing had happened. It scares the hell out of me, but apparently it's just a fact of life for him. I'm not sure all his brain cells are functioning the way they used to. At least he seems content, and not miserable.

I had to travel for work and I was scared to death about leaving him. I wanted to leave him with a veterinarian, but the cost was far too high. $34 dollars a day, plus $5 for each thing they did to him (insulin shots, pilling, etc.). He stayed instead at the Cat's Pajamas, and they took great care of him. They charged me $15 a day but I paid them $25 because I was so incredibly demanding about all the things I insisted they do for him, and because of all the things that COULD happen in a worst case scenario. But he looked, acted, and weighed the same when I picked him up. Whew. Now I'm done traveling for a few months. I'm still not convinced he's long for this world, but you know, he could surprise me. With my luck, he'll be the cat I finally get past age 17, when all the rest of my pet cats have passed on. Watch him creak around the house at age 22!


  1. I've been thinking of both you & Ivan. I'm sure you were on pins & needles while you were out of town. It's tough enough, emotionally & physically, when one is home & caring for a seriously ill cat. Sending well wishes to both of you.

  2. That's funny Susan, that you have only rhubarb to eat but the cats are on Science Diet! I have strawberries in my garden now, but not many. We had a bad spring for strawberries here in Oregon, with hot weather early, that brought out the blooms then the berries, then horrible weather, rain and cold, that stunted growth and produced mold. I have very few cherries on my tree, too, but that's from lack of bees and no pollination of the many many blossoms I had. Darn these locals who spray everything dead, spray their plants for bugs, then the bees try to get pollen and there is bug spray on the pollen in the flower heads.

  3. The lettuce is out now, too, and I discovered that rice vinegar is an AMAZING salad dressing. I will definitely be enjoying more salads this summer!

  4. That is a great sign if he's carrying around his toy and sleeping with you and purring. So happy to get on today and find this post! My furkids and myself are sending all our positive thoughts and energy for Ivan!