Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Too beautiful to still be here.

I have two "kittens" who I haven't been promoting because the longhaired cat has a loose stool. However multiple fecals have ruled out any parasites. I've kept his buddy with him to have someone to play with, and now they are so closely bonded they really ought to go together.

They are the sweetest things but, of course, shy with stranger. But now in the age of video hopefully someone will see how playful and affectionate they are online, and know that once they get over their initial shyness they'll be the cute hellions they really are.

And yes, that monster paw is real, and not a photographic distortion.


  1. Could be a food allergy, maybe?

  2. Adorable. WE have our paws crossed that these two will find their forever home real soon.

  3. I'm a visitor from another blog (killing time). I have a sweet cat with bowel issues. She is intolerant of guar gum and carrageenan. Unfortunately, those two additives are in most canned cat foods. I have to be very careful what I give her. Something as seemingly harmless as Temptations treats can mess up her stools.

  4. Big paws, just like his mommy!

    It breaks my heart to see these two still without a forever family. And to see Gwaine still with you, since I fell in love with him when we came and adopted Pheona (now Rosemary). He looked so sad that we were choosing Rosemary instead of him. Poor guy! I keep checking back and reading to see if any of those three have been adopted. :) I love your blog, and I hope we can find time one of these days to come back and volunteer.

  5. Big paws, just like his mommy!

    Rosemary (previously Pheona) is loving life with us. We recently got a diagnosis from a vet at Cornerstone that she is "pleasantly plump." But she lost much of that weight now that she's in our new, bigger apartment that has lots of windows and lots of birds outside! I hope Rosemary's boys get adopted soon!