Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OK, I'm swayed

So I really could care less about all those Grumpy Cat LOLs.

I didn't get why they were simply everywhere. But I was on YouTube today looking at something unrelated and "the original Grumpy Cat" video came up, and I clicked on it.

OK, he is so grumpy looking that he's cute. And, in fact, he is actually quite grumpy.

I will look at his future LOLs in a different light.


  1. Nothing to do with grumpy cats but - Have you seen this nice article with great pictures about Goathouse Refuge in today's NY Times on-line

  2. If you want the home of Grumpy Cat (I finally got hooked too-that face is too much), it's at

    Tardar Sauce, the not-really-grumpy girl cat with a genetic bobble. And she has a brother Pokey too.