Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pheona is now Rosemary

...and has a home of her very own! I delivered her on Tuesday, and she's a very lucky girl.

I've sent some cats off to foster. Tinker has a urinary tract infection I have not been able to clear up here, so hopefully her foster home will be able to get her meds into her three times a day. Morgaine is with her, since they are buddies here and I don't want them to forget one another. I hope they will be OK. They are both very nice cats, but quite shy with strangers

It's getting downright quiet in the cat facility. If Rose didn't squall like a banshee I'd move her from the house to the barn facility. But if I put her out there, someone would hear her yelling and call the SPCA for sure!


  1. Always good to hear about a cat adoption. Rosemary is a pretty name, too.

  2. GREAT news! Hooray for Pheona/Rosemary! :)