Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy with Hurricane Sandy info...but warm, safe, dry

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy so many stories of people and animals in need arise, as well as people helping other people.

I was IMing with a colleague today, who is still in NJ without power. He is doing his job via battery, having to stop to go recharge it.

The Petfinder blog has an ongoing list of shelters and adoption groups who are checking in to let us know if they are safe, or need help.

Facebook has been a huge help--in some cases the only way information can be passed quickly to the pubic. That and Twitter.

This video just came across Facebook, and it's a happy story in that they are also dry and fed...but without power.

Check it out:

Here are the Petfinder posts...part of what I've been doing with my warm, safe, well-fed time. If you have the ability, please consider helping one of the shelters listed here, or any others you hear of who need help




Monday by Sara.

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  1. Good and helpful post! Thank you for doing this ... there are so many who need all the help we can give.