Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I don't even want to look up to see how long Arthur has been here. Years. He was abandoned here one winter.

He is such a beautiful cat. Everyone loves him. He loves everyone. Well, except other cats. Arthur needs to be an only cat. And yet, there are many people who want to have only one cat. So where is his home?

Arthur is very large, and not in a tubby way. He is beautiful, sleek, affectionate. He has simple eating needs, because he has a sensitive stomach, so he should eat all-meat dry cat food, like Evolve. He can free-feed, because he does not over-eat.

He is playful, and loves the laser toy. I'm sure he'll be in bed with you. He is affectionate without being annoying. Sweet without being cloying.

If you are in central NYS or northern PA, won't you share Arthur's post?

He would really love to have a home.

Arthur can be found on Petfinder, here (click) along with contact information.

Back in the cage you go, Arthur. One more time.

(Photography - Christy Stout. Thank you, Christy, for bringing the blog to life).

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  1. Arthur sure is handsome! And he sounds like a terrific cat. We have our fingers and paws crossed that he finds his very own forever family soon. Thank you for loving him in the meantime!