Sunday, September 16, 2012

What happens when people shoot at feral cats?

So far, three very bad things. They shoot their grandchildren instead.

They shoot their neighbor instead.

They shoot a pet cat instead (and this cat was confined to a trap!)

This is why "just shoot them" can't be recommended as a public policy.

So let's just file that "shoot 'em up" advice away for good, as dangerous and irresponsible, along with cruel and illegal.


  1. Here is a very distressing blog piece about a kitten shot with BB gun by children. He's been taken in by a rescue and being helped. Caution: very distressing pictures.

  2. I have shot hundreds of feral cats and never hit a person, a bona fide pet cat, or any other thing in such an attempt. I believe it is the most humane way to deal with ferals, which are a disease vector and a pestilence.

  3. Oh look, a troll. I see where you have posted on other feral cat posts this morning, Vendikar. Let me guess, are you Woodsman? I wondered when you would wander in. Maybe other people aren't as good a shot as you (as apparent from news articles) which is why shooting cats cannot be promoted as public policy, and it is public policy that is needed to manage animals. If you want to "shoot, shovel, and shut up" that's your business. I supposed we could have "cat hunting licenses" with courses on how to shoot animals in public spaces so these other people stop hitting people. I'm not going to promote it myself, because I know for a fact it would fail, but you should feel to share your actual name and promote that to your local government as a honest person, instead of trolling on web sites under false names when you have nothing productive to do. Your future posts will be deleted. Have a good time trolling! Thanks for stopping by!