Sunday, August 5, 2012

Returning Gray Kitty

Grey Kitty showed up at the Hagadorn Hill colony awhile ago, and with the appearance of the abandoned Fern and her two kittens, I dropped off a trap so that they could catch Grey Kitty and we could get him neutered.

They felt that he had gotten skinny, but it appears in fact he's a medium furred cat who gets fluffy in winter, and strips down to guard hairs in the summer. I treated him with Revolution for his fleas, and during his stay, his tom cat scabs were all combed off. He likes to be scritched but doesn't think much of being picked up, and growls and hisses when I come in. However, the way to his heart is through his stomach. How many cats would bury their face in a plate of wet food when the door to freedom is about to be opened?

Grey Kitty is back home again, and now that he's a neutered boy, perhaps he'll show up with fewer scars and a nicer coat this fall.

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