Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's the season for kitten dumping

The night before last, my neighbors Craig and Valarie called, with the sound of kittens mewing in the background. Someone had dumped a cat--little more than a kitten herself--and two tiny kittens.

Craig came down and picked up a trap the next morning, and they had the mother cat captured the next day. The kittens are in pretty rough shape---skinny, with infected eyes and runny noses, but with plenty of energy left. Poor little Fern, the mom cat, was initially terrified but was quickly won over by food once she was here in a cage.

After she had her second meal of the day, she rolled around and around in her bed---probably happy to not be hungry for the first time since she stopped nursing on her own mother. She's absolutely emaciated. She has enlarged nipples, so she definitely is the mom, but there is no milk to speak of for the kittens, so I have been feeding them pedialyte and KMR.

Pictures of the kittens soon!


  1. Poor little thing. She reminds me of my childhood cat - a pregnant female tabby dumped off in the countryside to fend for herself.

    I hope she finds a good home to make up for the poor one she started out with!

  2. Thanks to Susan - she will find the home she needs...She is so beautiful, someone will grab her up in no time!!

  3. Oh my, just a kitten herself.

  4. Actually, thanks to Valarie and Craig. They fixed all their ferals years ago and now have only two, I think, and they keep on top of any new cats who are abandoned. I got the easy part.