Sunday, June 24, 2012

1:30 am . Very sick kitten.

5:30 am update: The kitten is feeling well enough to climb out of his box and be trundling around the bathroom when I came in. He had some more water, then some KMR, although he still doesn't want to suck the bottle again. Water and amoxicillin can be a wonderful thing. I'll pick up some pedialyte to make their KMR up with for a few days and I will bring in the scale and weigh them, then do some real math on what their amoxi dosage should be until I can reach the veterinarian Monday. He's currently on the floor in the bathroom rolling around with his sister. I'll feed then again in an hour and box them back up. Let's hope he's on the mend.

1:30 am The fuzzy kitten is the same or worse. He blew some more green snot out his nose while I attempted to feed him, and I now worry that perhaps his lungs are infected and he has pneumonia. I switched to water from KMR and separated him from his buddy, because she kept wanting to suck on his fur. I'm not sure what I'll find in the morning. He seems to have some strength, so I'll get up in a few hours to get more fluids into him, and pick up some more pedialyte in the morning if he's still with us.

Then I had to wash well and change my clothing before crawling back in bed because my senior cats insist on sleeping right up against me.

Poor kitten...


  1. Susan, do you have a Vicks vaporizer? I've had really good results using it for URI. They fit into a carrier so the cat can be isolated with the vapors. Just cover the carrier with towels. Then again, you probably already know this.

  2. Oh dear, hope this morning finds him improving.

  3. Just checking in to see how this little baby is doing. Any updates?