Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time for an updated banner

I don't know about you, but I was getting tired of looking at snow on my blog banner. However I don't have any good photos of cats outdoors. I decided to use Bear as a prop (although he is decidedly not feral). Bear is not a particularly genteel cat. Most of the photos I took ended up looking something like this:

However, via the wonders of Irfanview and Picasa, I could crop one of the better ones.

Some very good news: Wings has been adopted! Donna and Tim of Totalily Water Gardens are going to try him out. They have some very big dogs so Wings is going on a trial to see how he does. They also adopted Espie from us, as well as Gunsmoke (who was a senior cat and has walked over the bridge). They have a room to start him in, with a screen door, so he has the very best chance of fitting in.

I'll take a good photo of him tomorrow. I was going to take him to his new home tonight, but the bear (the actual bear) showed up around 8:30 pm, and even though he ran off when I yelled, I called Donna to reschedule for tomorrow morning.


  1. Adoptions are always wonderful. I have not had one now in months.

  2. Beautiful new banner, and your handsome kitty looks very nice with that pretty lobelia and marigold pot!