Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank goodness for humans, because computers drive me crazy

I spend most of my day with my laptop for work. I use a variety of tools that need to be opened up (in a certain order, so it's easy to find them when I switch back and forth throughout the day. In my personal life I'm also on the computer, managing my Petfinder account, blogging, answering email, etc. I've chosen my tools for my personal life based on ease of use. Sadly, Blogger, which use to be like a great big friendly dog who wanted only to lead you home, has been turned by Google into a perfectly uninspiring virtual room. I made the mistake of clicking on "upgrade" and now I'm in a blogging editor with teeny tiny icons instead of Bloggers great big friendly buttons. I tried to experiment with changing my template, and the template examples are now weenie little thumbnails (wth?). Google has also decided that both of my Blogger blogs MUST be linked to a gmail account. The Owl House was already linked to my Wildrun gmail account, but Google decided to link Feral By Nature to an obscure gmail account I opened for special event. If I have my Wildrun gmail account open, and log in blogger to work on Feral By Nature, if I go back to gmail, either it logs me into the unused gmail account, or when I go back to my blog, I'm in The Owl House, and my post for Feral By Nature is destroyed (because it doesn't know where to save). Humph. So if you wonder why I have not been blogging, it is because Google has taken something that was once very enjoyable to me, and turned it into one more thing that makes my life just a little more of a pain in the ass. BUT on a better note, it is spring, and with spring come People. No one ventures out here after the Christmas rush (except Christy!). People would come out if I would invite them, but mostly I'm gearing up for spring work travel (all done!).However people do come in the spring--in fact, boatloads of them are showing up this weekend. So I will be thumping the Google demon into submission in order to post again. I'll be looking at other blogging options. Maybe Google will come up with something to make their meddling worth it, or I'll go get glasses, one or the other. Whine, whine, whine. To rouse myself up out of my morning annoyance, I have posted a photo of Jack and the Leewit that Mary sent earlier this winter. Now it's out to the cat facility to visit cats and clean!

Post note: where the hell are the paragraph breaks? PLEASE don't tell me I have to use html now to have breaks in my text?

I do. I freaking have to use html now. Google, what the heck are you thinking?


  1. If you find a better option, let me know. I also am dismayed by the blogger "upgrade".

  2. I don't WANNA change! Blogger was great. It looks like I maybe going with wordpress, but I'll let you know. I don't like wordpress either. It's cramped and tiny, unless it has changed since the last time I used it.