Friday, February 10, 2012

I SCOFF at your poor attempt at pawprinting me, you human fool!

I saw an idea for paw-printing pets as a memorial (via Petfinder and Pinterest), and I thought it would be a neat idea to paw-print my rescued cats to create a matted print for the new adopter. It would say something like "My rescue name is Bounder! I was rescued as (short sentence about pet's history) I was sponsored by (name of person who sponsored pet). Thank you for giving me a forever home!" The print would go home with the new adopter, and I would use it as one of the pet's on-line adoption photos.

So I decided to make a quick try at paw-printing Bounder.

Clearly I need to try again with something more inky than an ink pad!

Have you paw-printed your cat? What did you use?


  1. I used freshly poured concrete.

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  3. Similar to Cathy's method, my cat has used white trim paint!