Sunday, February 12, 2012

Debra's Igloo colony

Debra and I got together for breakfast yesterday (I'll leave the village off this post to prevent more abandoned cats!). Debra has already had to deal with feral cats in the neighborhood where her parents previously lived. Suddenly a group of cats showed up under the deck of the house where she currently lives with her Dad. Elsa (the blind cat) and Archimedes (the feral kitten) are here at The Owl House. She had a feral female spay/neutered and has set up an igloo house for her.

There are still additional friendly cats that have also appeared, like this very handsome gray boy. He also needs to be neutered, but I have no room here, so I guess Debra will be checking to see if he actually as a local owner, and we'll try get a lead on a new home for him while he's still living outdoors. He'll get an FeLV/FIV test before adoption. Maybe he just belongs to someone down the street and they would appreciate a free neuter-and-shots.

It was a joy hanging out with Debra and seeing what it's like to live in a small community with good people. I love my neighbors, but let's face it, we all live out here because we value the quiet. So even though we help one another, we aren't bumping into one another daily at the downtown diner.

This morning at 2:00 am I walked out into the new snow, and there, once again, were brand-new cat tracks. This after just spending days catching the abandoned tux cat.

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  1. Wonder if two were dumped together. Do you get lonely out there? I do, even living in a concrete burb! I often long for the country, greenery, getaways from the concrete and traffic, some nature.