Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Caught the tux kitty

I found cat tracks in the new snow on Sunday, and on Monday, Bear (my cat) took off at dead run toward the barn. I fetched him back, all fluffed up in the wood shop, so it seemed clear the tux cat had taken refuge there. Poor Bear was banished to the house. I've been down with something flu-like, and frankly was not functioning well.

But yesterday was unseasonably warm so I dragged a trap down to the barn and loaded it up with tuna. There are some things that get worse if you wait, and I knew if I didn't catch this cat asap I was going to regret it. Around midnight I went to close the trap because I could not deal with catching a raccoon overnight instead, and there was the tux.

He was scared and sweet, with a soft "neutered cat" coat. Sure enough, there was nothing under his tail. It was too dark to check to see if s/he may be a female. He doesn't have a girl look about him -- although he looks a bit girly in his photo.

I am now completely out of space, and the local shelter is not taking cats. Which is probably why this cat is here. Luckily two cats who are recovering from being altered for the Lisle colony are males, so they can go back as soon as I can drag myself out to the farm. And no, I'm afraid no one else can take them over for me. They have lice, and you don't want that in your car.

A post about lice will be forthcoming once I feel perkier.


  1. Glad you caught the kitty. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yay! We're glad you caught Mr. Tuxie.

    Healing purrs and prayers coming your way. Feel better soon!

  3. TCSPCA is taking in cats - she told me she took in 6 cats on Saturday. Needs to be the right county, though....

  4. Great, if I get any Tompkins calls I'll refer them over there. This cat and the other cats I've received calls on have been from different counties.

  5. So glad you caught him! And, yes, he does look like a female in the photo--don't know why...

    Hope you are feeling better by now.