Monday, January 16, 2012

Removing cats -- who is really doing it? George the airport cat

Photo from (Video at that link).

Remember George, the cat who was lost at Edmonton International Airport, reported dead, and then found in a residential area outside of the airport?

Guess who rescued him, thereby saving Edmonton International Airport hours countless more hundreds to thousands of search hours? A woman who put food out for a stray cat.

"On Sunday, George appeared outside Hope Gulseth’s condo in Leduc. She left out food for the wary cat, as well as a small nest of blankets. Two days later, he’d plucked up enough courage to come inside, happily joining the family’s two other cats.

Meanwhile, a Kijiji post by her husband about this new cat — clearly someone’s pet — was found by one the search volunteers."

Had Hope not cared enough to put out food for the stray she saw hanging around, and instead ignored him (to die, I assume, is what people who offer this suggestion are hoping for), the airport would be thousands of dollars poorer, looking for a cat who was no longer even on the airport grounds.

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