Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I wish I'd taken a photo of Kiddo

I kept waiting to post on Kiddo until I took a photo...and I forgot to. Kiddo is a big-cheeked orange tom with a sweet personality who was brought to our attention by a supporter. His owner just needed a little help getting him to the vet, and then keeping him on cage rest while he had his meds to clear up the infection in his paw. Keeping him here was a joy. I love big tom cats. They have such small squeaky meows and they love being petted. He did not much like his Clavamox, but he was walking better--although still with a limp--when he went home today. He now knows how to use a cat box and the supporter got a box and litter for her his owner so he can go out to use it on the enclosed porch, and be an indoor kitty for awhile. Maybe for good?

The supporter paid the vet bill as a gift to her friend, and Kiddo's owner made a $40 donation to our cats that can help feed and care for the Lisle barn cats while they are recovering from surgery.

Kiddo is a lucky cat.

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  1. I love the big old toms, too. Peeman Sam has the squeekiest meow! Once neutered, they are so lovable and good natured. One vet once told me he loves the big males and that two brothers, neutered and adopted together, make the best pet pair ever.