Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas. Kindness to cats and their keeper

Is Christmas over already? Nonsense. Christmas extends from Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve. It takes that long for me to get my Christmas cards all in the mail.

In the week before Christmas, we had trekkers who came to the door bearing gifts for the cats. When Mary arrived, I had been pulling a marathon email stint and was still in what passes as jammies for me. The cats were thrilled at the bagsful of toys. A few days later, Lisa showed up with toys as well, and dropped off donated towels and some low-cal food as well. You'd think some of our cats were pudgy or something... (Yes, they are).

Cricket, getting up there in years, preferred the empty boxes (which is just as well, since she's not homeless and technically the toys weren't hers--but the pet cats have to give their seal of approval).

I tossed all the old toys in the cat facility, and we moved onto Bright, Shiny and New. Away boredom!

On Christmas morning it was Fancy Feast for everyone, from the boarding cats, to house cats, to rescue cats. I had gotten the facility cats some soft "fur" throws that look like they may survive the wash and not hold accumulated cat hair. We'll see. At least they will be cuddly and warm for awhile.

On Christmas Eve, Christy and Gordan invited me for dinner. Because there was chicken on the table, Jelli and Phillip (who forget they slept with me when they were kittens, and normally play shy when I visit) were absolutely charming.

Remember when Jelli was Cheeto? I find it funny that his name went from silly Cheeto, to distinguished Justin, but morphed to a silly sweet name once again.

Christy and Gorden sent home yet another bag of toys (the red sparkly ball with Arthur is one of theirs), so the cats are very distracted and very happy.

The cats received other gifts as well, but they deserve posts of their own, so I'll just pause to relay some profound feline gratitude, and wish you all a wonderful holiday!


  1. A very merry and wonderful Christmas to you and the kitties, Susan :)

  2. What wonderful presents, and what a wonderful post. We are so thankful for you, and are glad you and the cats had a nice Christmas. Purrs and hugs!

  3. Happy New Year, Susan and cats! You guys are all awesome. We, myself and the cats here, love you! Best Wishes!