Friday, October 21, 2011

Mariah heads home

Mariah and Smidge were adopted last week. The visit was supposed to be just for Mariah, but the adopter brought her mom, and Smidge lobbied pretty hard, and ended up going home with mom. They stopped first at mom's house (after a stop at Petsmart for supplies), but Mariah appeared to want to stay with Smidge, so now mom has two kittens.

I hope it works out. Two kittens can be a handful!

Mariah thought the soft-sided crate she went home in was pretty neat. The book is the photo album from the "kitten shower" her intended home had thrown for the kitten they adopted this spring (Mariah had been intended as his playmate).

Both women were great to visit with, and I'll be following up to make sure things are going OK.


  1. That's too funny... maybe she will be back for a lone kitten for a playmate for hers...??? VK

  2. She's decided not to get another kitten in case one or both of her mom's new kittens ever need a place to stay.