Monday, October 31, 2016

New Torti kitten

About a month ago, the couple who watches over The Owl House while I travel lost their cat. They were traveling after their wedding, and little Prune, a torti, slipped out the window of their parent's house where she was staying.

Since then we've been on the lookout for found torti cats, and a little torti showed up on Facebook, found in Lockwood. The young woman who found her had called the shelter, but they couldn't take her, so after trying to find the owner on her own, she posted the kitten on Facebook to find her a new home. When I went to pick her up, she was too young to be Prune. But because she still needed help, she came on home with me.

The very next day a woman was visiting to see if she might be interested in Wildflower, and fell in love with this little girl who had been here less than a day. So "Fleury" as she was named by her pending guardian, is now in the house awaiting her spay.

While she's less than six months old (she still has her kitten canines, which normally fall out at 5.5 months) she had a bit a potbelly which made me wonder if she might be pregnant. Sure enough, she miscarried about five days ago. She seems to be fine--no fever, lots of activity, a great appetite, but I'll be glad when she gets to the veterinarian for her spay.

I'm sure she'll be glad to get into a home where she'll get all the cuddles she needs, and no chance of future kittens!


  1. My Fleurp totally approves of the name choice :) Congratulations to Fleury's people for finding her so quickly. May you have a long happy life together.

    and may you find the right torti cat soon!

  2. We are delighted this pretty kitty got a home so quickly :)
    We purr Prune will be found.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ