Sunday, April 3, 2016

Buster breaks in

Last night the weather tanked. I made sure Buster-the-feral had plenty of food in the nice sheltered basement. I left the porch door open until about 10:00 pm so he had access to his food and water there as well, but then I shut it to reduce snow, and also keep out the raccoon who has been visiting.

I woke up to these butt-and-paw marks on the stand where I keep his back-up porch food:

What the heck? This worried me, because I let the house cats out on the porch and if a cat can get on the porch with the door closed, surely a cat can get off the porch.

It didn't take much looking. He found the overlap in the screen where I'm planning on putting a wood panel and took advantage of it.

That's pretty inventive given that it's four feet off the ground. Apparently the food on the porch is tastier than the nice sheltered food and water in the basement (which also showed signs of his grazing).

Hi, Lady!


  1. Just when we think we have all the bases covered,
    cats show where we missed ;)
    Buster is pretty cute.
    Nancy and the kitties