Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where have we been?

Sorry to have dropped off the face of the planet for an entire month.

It doesn't mean kitty work has stopped, it just usually means so much else is happening that when 10:00 pm rolls around I'm either still working, or have flopped down on the bed-also-a-couch, look across at the cat rescue laptop and think "not tonight, it's just not gonna happen." Winter also brings with it the added country chore of keeping myself and the cats warm. That means hauling wood, emptying ash, buying wood-brick fuel (which is a compressed sawdust brick that some people burn all the time, but I use to keep not-so-dry wood going if it gets snowed on), periodically taking a trip onto the roof to clean the chimney, replacing older oil-filled heaters with newer ones if they start making those ominous buzzing noises (for the cats), and wrangling payment for the far-higher electric bills.

Luckily for me (unhappily for the planet) there has been ZERO snow to shovel this year. The "big storm" missing me totally. Usually I have to deal with something like this. This year we have had only a scant three, yes, that is 3.0, inches of snow. I'd mow last fall's leaves in my yard except I worry I'll end up with yellow tire marks next spring. This weather is scary -- it's absolutely wrong. But at least it's one less winter chore. That may end next week, with the prediction for our first local storm with accumulation. I haven't even pulled my snow shovels from the lower barn to bring them to the porch this year. I guess I'd better do that, and lay in some gas for the snow blower.

I've written a lot of blog posts in my head. Unfortunately it's hard for you to read them there. I hope to get the five or so that are sitting as "drafts" in Blogger completed and scheduled.

Now that the days are thankfully getting longer, I'm beginning to perk up. Like many people I keep thinking "Just get through February. Just get through February."

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  1. I wondered if you were getting much snow this year. We have had abnormally high amounts of rain, for a change. I'm so ready for that to change.