Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting eaten out of house and home

Nom, nom, nom....

Yes, the kittens are eating us out of house and home. They go through two big bags of Kitten Chow weekly, and two 34 count boxes of wet food. So if anyone is shopping this weekend and would like to grab us kitten chow or canned food (of any size and any quantity) the kittens would greatly appreciate it. We really need the wet food for feral kitten taming. They need to loooove humans, and they won't loooove humans who hand out only dry kibble.

And paper! We go through so many paper plates! With the weather hot, it is important that dirty wet food dishes not sit out, so we feed on paper plates that can be immediately disposed of.

Our mail carrier also left some used towels hanging off the mailbox, bless her! We can always use towels, should you ever change the colors in your bathroom, downsize your linen closet, or find any in the "free" pile at a garage sale.

Friends and neighbors sometimes bring by what their own finicky cats won't eat. Valarie and Craig's Delilah cat has been especially picky:

And more sadly, we sometimes learn friends have lost a beloved cat, by what turns up on the porch. Ollie was our neighbor's sweet pudgy orange longhaired cat with diabetes who used to stay here when they went on longer vacations. It was really kind of them to think of us when dealing with the sadness of losing him. I'll miss him as well. He was a sweet boy.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out the summer. I'm still picking away at my thank you notes and taking kitten photos for the blog on to get them adopted. All of the shelters are swamped with kittens, so many have no place to go, especially the shy ones.

If anyone would like to donate via mail, we have an Amazon wish list here at this link!


  1. Every bit helps, that is for sure and something I know well.

  2. how bitter sweet about Nancy's donation. and how sweet that your mail carrier knows you could use the towels.