Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The busy season begins

So we have a feral kitty in Van Etten nursing two kittens, two shy female cats that we just spayed that came to us from a nearby trailer park, and two boys (one neutered and one not) who are a little worse for wear this harsh winter. Beemer here is a newbie at a nearby neutered colony and he has a Thursday appointment to be neutered.

Here they are in their traps, donated to us by the Petco Foundation via their Cat Trap Depot workshops and Susan Rosenberg (who is now with Greater Good) and caught in just a few moments at feeding time by Valarie, their caretaker extraordinaire:

Gray Kitty, who was neutered last year, has a bite in his ear, probably dealt by Beemer, and needs his vaccinations updated.

Gray Kitty, while shy outdoors, likes having his chin scritched. I think he's on his way to being a friendly fellow and he'll likely worm his way into his caretaker's home soon. ;)

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