Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We are feeling better, thank you!

I am shocked and amazed. I really thought these little guys were goners, and their steady improvement was a wonder to watch. This morning I took the top off the bin (it was of course propped open a little way for air circulation)and they were both there staring at me. While I fed one kitten, the other surprised me by popping right out of the box and running behind the washing machine. He ultimately came out on his own, crying for breakfast. We are taking it very slow, but things are looking up!


  1. How old do you think they are?

    Lucky kits to be found! At least they have a chance...

  2. So glad these babies are doing so well. Big purrs and prayers to them, and to you as you care for them!

  3. Oh that is wonderful to see. So glad they were found and that you have helped them, no matter the outcome. I wish people wouldn't do such a horrible thing to kitties.

  4. I've stumbled on your blog somehow and wanted to just say THANK YOU (!!!!) for taking in these sweet little ones. This brother and sister are so lucky to have found their way to your home, and I'm grateful that there are experienced and dedicated people like you who open their hearts and home to animals that need a place to go. I have no doubt they will find their way to a wonderful life because of you.

    All my best coming to you, these little ones that they continue to have good health and to all those you look after!