Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spencer Community Showcase tomorrow (Sunday!)

We've been attending this event for Spencer-area businesses and programs for years. Billee was one of our first ambassador cats before she was adopted. It so hard to realize she has passed on. I always take one of our older cats with me, and this year it will be Tommy.

I will have a bunch of stuff available--some of which was donated to us to raise funds, like my mother-and-sister-made catnip toys, as well as those Jiffy Tags I mentioned on the blog earlier. I think I even have some catnip in antique bottles left. I plan to grow another major crop of catnip this year, so I need to clear the shelves!

There are always some really nice crafts at this fair. My purse (which I need to replace, so I will be shopping, too!) came from this fair about 5 years ago, along with a little barn wood house that lights up from Flywest Prims. I've donated a cat bed pack to the fair to raffle off, and I will also have one to raffle off from my table. So there will be lots of "stuff!" Last year--when I didn't have a table--they even had an organic farmer with organic meat.

Have you been putting off having your cholesterol checked? They are doing that, too. If someone comes by to watch my booth for a second, I plan to run over because mine hasn't been checked in over 8 years.

So come on by! It only takes a little while to pass through. You could do lunch at Reese's or DaVinci's, or try some of the food they are having at the fair itself.

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