Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bullet on a snowy day

I came back from a walk on the hill and saw a speck of black and white down on the field below the barn. He let me get to the barn door, but I used the zoom so as not to disturb him back into the wet snow again.

I then went into the house and got him some fresh water and wet food. Hopefully he'll find the treat before the opossum does this evening.

To be fair to the canine contingent, Molly was looking quite dapper on her walk, too.

She looked even cuter before she lost her coat on some barbed wire.


  1. Beautiful photo against the woods and snow. And that dog coat is a bright color too against the white.

  2. I sure hope bullet found that food and water before that possum! And yes, coat or no, Molly looks fabulous! :)