Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Buffy" gets a home

Pheona and her kittens were rescued in Waverly. The people who noticed the petite dilute calico and her small family fed them, and with the help of Debra, a local animal rescuer, they were captured and brought here to The Owl House. Pheona is now spayed and will be going to live with the people who rescued her.

Her kittens are also altered, and are looking for homes of their own. This past weekend, the kitten who is now named "Buffy" found hers, and has already cuddled in with her new sister/aunt

Here's a shot, taken by Christy, of the boarding room in my house where the kittens are living while they meet their new guardians:

Three more kittens to go! Two of Buffy's brother, and little Gracie.

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