Sunday, July 29, 2012


So many cats, so little time. Rose is the cat who was abandoned here in the cold this early spring. For awhile she tolerated being kept in one of the boarding rooms I have upstairs in my house, but soon she discovered if she howled, yes HOWLED, out her front window, I would come up to see her.

I had to let her loose into my house with my pet cats because I figured my neighbors would think I'd crossed the line to hoarder and the animals were screaming for freedom. There was a lot of hissing to start, but she seemed to fit in. I shut her up at night, but let her loose during the day.

However, Ivan, my own special friend-cat, is jealous, and today there was a genuine knock-down drag out fight when he felt Rose was spending too much time close to me. Luckily I was right there and I was able to yell an end to the fight and express my displeasure with both parties, vocally. Ivan has also pulled the hairy eyeball on Bear in the past, but they got over it, so I hope Ivan and Rose will work things out as well.

Rose is currently hanging out on the catio, while Ivan snoozes near me on the porch. Sweet Rose needs a home. She's quite talkative and affectionate, and very gentle with people. She is playful, and if you prefer not to have her sitting on her, she will relocate nicely to the chair beside you. I cannot help but wonder who loved her once, and what louse dropped her out here in the country.


  1. Poor Rose! We have our paws crossed that she will find a forever home SOON. It breaks our hearts (and ticks us off, too) whenever we see these babies struggle in the aftermath of being abandoned.

  2. I hope you can find her a home.