Sunday, April 15, 2012

I finally have all of the screen secured on the front porch, so today was the Big Day. I opened the front door....and left it open.

Senior cat Cricket immediately found something to climb on. Nellie, my shy girl, was more hesitant.

Bear, who is the only indoor/outdoor cat, preferred to stay inside while the others explored the screened porch.

Ivan was out as well, but his photos all came out fuzzy.

After awhile, as I got darker, I noticed I was all alone except for Molly.

They were all back in the house, asleep on the couch.


  1. ours are having varying reactions to the fenced (but not yet screened) front porch. curiously, jelli seems to be the one enjoying it the most.

  2. That's so exciting that you screened in the whole porch! We bet that the cats will come to enjoy it eventually, as they get used to the idea. :)